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Pakistan Medical Commission PMC past paper 2020 solve with the explanation. Download National MDCAT Past paper 2020 in PDF format and solve NMDCAT Paper 2020 to check PMC Paper pattern. National MDCAT first paper conduct in 2020 and the 2nd PMC paper will conduct this year.

Before PMC Entry Test 2022 students must have to solve this National MDCAT Paper 2020. By solving this paper they will be able to understand the paper patterns. They can practice managing time by solving Past paper 2020.

Past papers also used to judge the preparation level. Students can judge their preparation if they solve the paper in a given time (2 hours and 30 minutes). After solving the paper, check the answer key and calculate a result. If a candidate attempts 180+  right MCQs. It is a Good Level of preparation.

An excellent level of preparation is 190+ right MCQs. If a candidate’s result is below 180 right MCQs. He needs more preparation and practice. As previous results show that toppers of NUMS MDCAT, National MDCAT, and UHS MDCAT practice on past papers to judge their practice. They got 180+ marks in these Past papers.

National MDCAT Past Paper 2020

Here you can download National MDCAT Paper 2020 for practice. You can also judge your progress by solving the National MDCAT paper 2020. This will help a lot for next-level preparation. After solving this paper you will get a clear image of the National MDCAT Paper pattern.

National MDCAT total MCQs is 200 and there will be no negative marking. Marks distribution is as ONE Mark for a right MCQ and ZERO Mark for the wrong MCQ. You can calculate results by solving NUMS Past Paper and National MDCAT Past Papers.

Why Do We recommend MDCAT Past Papers?

[su_spoiler title=”Practice Makes A Man Perfect” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”caret-square”]To be well prepared for the exams, a student should complete all the topics included in the curriculum. They should keep enough time to revise the subject before the MDCAT Exams. These previous papers can help students to improve their performance. This will help them see where their preparation is lacking and how to fill the gap in knowledge in it. This will help them prepare better for their exams.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Manage Your Time Effectively” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”caret-square”]Solving previous year’s past Papers will help students to assess the best way to write answers during exams. It will also help them to manage their time effectively at this time. Students can improve their time management skills to solve the question paper if they practice solving these previous year’s questions.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Act Confidently During Exams” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”caret-square”]Solving these MDCAT past papers will help students to guess about the pattern of the MDCAT paper and question types asked in exams. Not only that, but it will also provide a review of the exam pattern and will allocate marks to each section. If students solve enough previous year question papers they will solve the exams with more confidence. By doing so, they will be aware of the type and pattern of the paper.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Self Assessment” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”caret-square”]A student should get used to solving previous year’s questionnaires regularly. This will help them prepare for their exams better. They should analyze the powers and weaknesses of the subject using these papers.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Plan Your Education Accordingly” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”caret-square”]After analyzing their powers and weaknesses, the most important step should be to start working to improve them. This will also prepare them for the expected difficulty level of examination papers. It can now be seen that solving the past papers will help students score well in MDCAT Exams. Therefore, a student who is going to appear for MDCAT Entry Test 2024 should definitely buy and practice as much as possible. This will help them score well in the exams.[/su_spoiler]

MDCAT Past Papers Solved

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PMC Paper Pattern 2022

It’s important to check the paper patterns and National MDCAT Syllabus. Preparation according to the syllabus is the key to success. National MDCAT past paper pattern is as follows.

  • Total MCQs: 210 MCQs
  • Biology MCQs: 68 MCQs
  • Chemistry MCQs: 56 MCQs
  • Physics MCQs: 56 MCQs
  • English MCQs: 20 MCQs
  • Logical MCQs: 10 MCQs

Given above pattern will repeat in PMC MDCAT Entry Test 2022. Biology MCQs are 40% of the PMC Entry Test Syllabus. Focus on Biology Syllabus and prepare topic-wise. MDCAT Guide team working on MDCAT MCQs Bank (MDCAT Booklet). Here you can get an MCQs practice booklet for all 4 subjects.

  • Biology MCQs Bank (With practice papers)
  • Chemistry MCQs Bank (With practice papers)
  • Physics MCQs Bank (With practice papers)
  • English MCQs Bank (With practice papers)

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NMDCAT Paper 2020 Download PDF

Now Download the National MDCAT Past Paper 2020 PDF and print it out to solve the paper. You can also get this paper from the market (available only city-wise registered Book shops). Get National MDCAT Paper PDF from here and print out all pages of the PDF file. It would be better for all students to download and print out copies of this PDF paper file.

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Share with others to help them in MDCAT preparation. As you know sharing is caring. Allah loves those who share knowledge with others. You can

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PMC MDCAT Orignal Paper 2020

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PMC Paper 2020 Solved Download PDF

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PMC MDCAT Paper Solving procedure

You can check the above paper that PMC paper 2020 starts from Physics and the first 40 MCQs are from the physics portion. 2nd portion is chemistry from 41 MCQs to 100 MCQs. Next 80  MCQs from Biology and the last 20 from the English portion. A more advanced method to solve past papers would be to time yourself for each section.

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Time Duration for PMS Paper

Here you can manage time according to the syllabus (Subject-wise)

  • PMC Paper Total Time is 210 Minutes (3 hours and 10 minutes)
  • Biology MCQs Time limit 70 minutes
  • Chemistry MCQs Time limit 60 minutes
  • Physics MCQs Time limit 45 minutes
  • English MCQs Time limit 20 minutes
  • Logical MCQs Time limit 15 minutes

PMC candidates can divide time according to a given pattern as 0.85 minutes for each MCQ. there is no boundary for time on each portion. Some MCQs are not time-consuming like MCQs from the English portion.

Download Online:- NUMS Roll No Slip 2024

The time-consuming portion of the National MDCAT Paper is the Physics portion. Some MCQs need solutions and calculations and therefore physics portion was given at the top to start MDCAT Test from physics.

Also Check:- Download NUMS Syllabus 2024

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NMDCAT Paper Overall Timing

Dear students, you can practice Time management on the National MDCAT past paper 2020. And also calculate time-consuming on each subject.

You can time yourself for the entire PMC MDCAT exam. So set the stopwatch to 2 hours & 30 minutes. This will let you know if you can finish in the given time period.

Try to solve the paper in 2 hours and 20 minutes. To save 10 minutes for complicated MCQs as some MCQs are typical to solve and required more time for a solution.

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UHS Past Papers (2008-2019) Unit wise solved
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How can I get admission in the national MDCAT?

to Get Admission in National MDCAT you can apply online for NMDCAT Entry Test. PMC Registration Registration details are available in this article visit for PMC Registration 2024. For any questions please live a reply in the comment section.

How To Download National MDCAT Past Paper 2020?

PMC conducts MDCAT Paper 2020 and you can download this paper in given above article. NMDCAT Paper 2020 PDF file is available to download free.

National MDCAT answer key 2020?

The solved paper is attached to the above article. Students can download this PMC Paper 2020 solved with an explanation. It will helpful for MDCAT students.

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