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New updated NUMS Syllabus 2024 is here with a sample paper. Download NUMS MDCAT Syllabus and NUMS Sample Paper to understand the paper patterns.

NUMS Syllabus PDF file is available to download. Click on the given below file to download NUMS Syllabus Updated 2024. National University of Medical Science (NUMS) officially announced Syllabus 2024 PDF format.

This year 32,000+ students appear in NUMS Entry Test. Download NUMS Syllabus to check the NUMS Paper scheme. This Updated Syllabus is also the same for Army Medical College.

Please check the download syllabus from other sites as some websites uploaded an Outdated syllabus with #Tag NUMS Syllabus 2024. From Here Students can download NUMS MDCAT Syllabus (updated 2024).

Download NUMS Syllabus 2024 (NUMS Entry Test)

Here you can Download the Updated NUMS syllabus 2024 with the complete paper scheme for all four medical subjects Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English.

NUMS Syllabus announced by the National University of Medical Science with the complete paper scheme. NUMS works on the key purpose of “understand and improving life” having 10 Constituent and Affiliated Colleges, 12 Affiliated Medical Specialty Institutes, 45 Teaching/Training Hospitals, and 9,514 NUMS MBBS/BDS Students.

If you are in search of the NUMS Syllabus 2024 then you are on the right page of the NUMS MDCAT Syllabus 2024. Here you will get all details related to NUMS MDCAT including NUMS Syllabus for Entry Test 2024, NUMS Past Papers, and NUMS pattern Paper according to the updated NUMS Syllabus.

IF NUMS Syllabus PDF 2024 file may show some opening issues then please download again are request to send again through email by requesting us by emailing us through given below contact form.

Female Candidates Can Apply:-  AFNS Admission 2024

NUMS MCQs Distribution

From 2012 to 2018 there are 180 MCQs divided partially from four subjects. in previous Entry test exams, NUMS MCQs distribution is as follows.

Here is NUMS MCQs Distribution from 2012 to 2018

  • Total 180 NUMS MCQs
  • Bi0logy 70 MCQs
  • English 20 MCQs
  • Chemistry 45 MCQs
  • Physics 45 MCQs

From 2019 onward NUMS Syllabus changed and MCQs Distribution for NUMS Entry test 2024 is also changed. Students have to Solve 200 MCQs distribute according to the given NUMS Syllabus.

Here the NUMS MCQs Distribution 2024

  • Total 200 NUMS MCQs for Entry Test 2024.
  • Biology 80 MCQs
  • Physics 60 MCQs
  • Chemistry 40 MCQs
  • English 20 MCQs

NUMS conducts the MDCAT test for admission in Army medical colleges. You can check the Course details of MBBS/BDS and Admission procedure with eligibility criteria in Army medical College admission Prospectus details. All MDCAT students are hereby intimated to prepare these given NUMS entry test past papers so that they could attempt this test with good marks.

NUMS Syllabus PDF

NUMS Syllabus for entry test 2024 is changed as compared to the 2020 syllabus. To check comparison you can download both MDCAT NUMS Syllabus 2023 and 2024 respectively.

Here you can download NUMS 2024 Updated Syllabus subject-wise for best preparation of NUMS Entry Test 2024. NUMS Curriculum for all four subjects (Biology + Physics + Chemistry + and English). Here bellow the download links to all files available to download in PDF format.

Download: MDCAT Paper 2020 PDF

  • Biology – NUMS Syllabus 2024
  • Chemistry – Download NUMS Syllabus
  • Physics – NUMS Syllabus Download PDF
  • English – NUMS MDCAT Syllabus

Combined complete NUMS Syllabus PDF file also available at the end of this page. For easy use, you also have options to download the full NUMS Syllabus or Subject wise Syllabus.

The type of NUMS entry test questions in multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Each question has 4 options having one right Choice. Be Careful to select the right choice and filling of right bubal on the NUMS Answer Key Sheet. For this purpose, candidates have to practice a lot for NUMS Past papers and NUMS Practice Papers.

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NUMS Syllabus (Biology)

Biology Syllabus of NUMS MDCAT entry test 2024 is important to view for preparation according to NUMS Updated Syllabus 2024. Biology is a major part of the NUMS 2024 Syllabus as 80 MCQs will be part of the MDCAT Entry test from this Biology syllabus.

  • As per NUMS Syllabus 2024, 80 MCQs from Biology Subject.

To get high scoring marks focus on NUMS Syllabus for Biology and prepare Biology topics according to Syllabus. Get in touch with our Biology Subject Teachers and MDCAT Guide Team for Topic wise NUMS Bio MCQs Bank and Problem solutions. NUMS MCQs bank Special designed according to NUMS Syllabus for Biology.

In the previous NUMS Entry Test a total of 67 out of 80, MCQs are from NUMS Biology MCQs Bank which was designed as per NUMS Syllabus.

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Updated NUMS MDCAT Syllabus 2024 PDF file will be Upload here to download with high resolution (HD reading graphic) result.

Disclaimer:- We provide the original Syllabus of the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test without any change or addition. Only preparation-related material detail may be added for the MDCAT student’s guide. You can check the syllabus update status for NUMS MDCAT Syllabus.

NUMS English Syllabus 2024

Students can check the given below NUMS Syllabus for English. In the NUMS Syllabus, the English portion is short and only 20 MCQs will be given below NUMS Entry Test Syllabus 2024 for English.

The aim of the English Portion of the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test is to measure the applicant’s skills in the English language. They Judge how candidates prepared for undertaking studies in MBBS/BDS in English.

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To understand batter with example and meaning you can check this NUMS English Vocabulary Practice Test PDF file. Here you can Download NUMS Vocabulary in PDF Format.

[su_button url=”” wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon=”icon: download”]NUMS English Vocabulary[/su_button]

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Are you looking for NUMS MDCAT Syllabus 2024 then you are at the right place. Scroll down to download NUMS Syllabus complete in PDF format with Ultimate NUMS Guide.

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MDCAT Syllabus Curriculum Chemistry

Complete detail of NUMS Chemistry Syllabus is here. For a detailed Syllabus view bellow PDF file of the MDCAT Syllabus (Chemistry). A downloading button added with this file to download in PDF format.

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Good Luck with best wishes to all  NUMS MDCAT Students for the Entry test 2024. Competition may high for fresher because repeaters have more time than they had the experience of MDCAT Entry Test.

We advise fresher to stop waiting time. Take a look at the NUMS Syllabus 2024 for Best Preparation of NUMS Test. Get more MDCAT Study Stuff For NUMS MDCAT Test 2024 on

Physics Syllabus for NUMS Test 2024

The paper pattern of the NUMS MDCAT Test 2024 clearly defines the division of all 4 subjects. According to the updated syllabus 2024, only 45 MCQS from the NUMS physics syllabus will be the part of MDCAT Test.

45 MCQs out of 200 MCQs are from Physics Syllabus. Download and view Detailed NUMS Syllabus PDF. 

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Are you looking for PMC National MDCAT Syllabus 2024

Complete Updated Syllabus NUMS Entry Test 2024

If you want to download the complete NUMS MDCAT Syllabus in a single file. Click and download given bellow Updated  Syllabus of the NUMS Test. In a combined file, all 4 subjects’ syllabus is merged in a single file.

NUMS MCQs are tricky. But if a student prepared from NUMS Booklet ( NUMS MCQs Bank Subject-wise with NUMS Solved Papers). These Books are available in the market as well as at our online Book Store for Online Booking.

Must Focus on NUMS Syllabus and prepare topics from Punjab Board Books. Some topics are not available in Punjab Board books. You can find these Topics in Federal Board books.

You can get Federal board books from the market and also from our online Book store | Actual price + TCS Delivery charges | For Test Books and MDCAT NUMS MCQs Bank Books you can visit our MDCAT Online Book Store or order through Whatsapp 0310-6867602


Best Wishes For You:-

Dear Student, you can achieve anything you heart desires providing you don’t lose faith in your remarkable abilities. May God bless you with the courage to never lose faith in yourself in the examination hall. Good luck for NUMS entry Test 2024

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Download This NUMS Syllabus 2024 PDF File 

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Important Question Related to NUMS Syllabus 2024 Changes

Here students may ask any question related to NUMS MDCAT Syllabus and NUMS Entry Test. Our MDCAT Guide Team will respond to each comment within working hours. You can leave a reply in the bellow comment section. Thanks for reaching Us our team will further guide you about the query.

People also asked

How many marks are required for NUMS MDCAT entry test eligibility?

According to NUMS MDCAT eligibility criteria, 2024 minimum of 70% marks (F.Sc Pre-medical) are required for NUMS Registration 2024. Foreign students are also eligible with the same percentage after SAT-II exams.

How to prepare for NUMS MDCAT Entry Test 2024?

To get high scoring marks in NUMS MDCAT Entry Test 2024 follow bellow procedure and prepared according to NUMS Syllabus 2024.

Get complete study stuff.

  1. Get NUMS entry test booklet (with NUMS guide)
  2. Textbooks of F.SC (both text boards Federal and Punjab)
  3. NUMS past solved papers ( View NUMS Past papers)
  4. MDCAT score improvement system by Doger Brothers
  5. NUMS practice papers for time management

This is a necessary material for best preparation Candidates can skip the MDCAT score improvement system to save time. All study Books and Practice notes are available at our book store. You can get the complete course at your home address through TCS (All over Pakistan)

IS NUMS Entry Test easy?

NUSM Entry Test considered as toughest MDCAT test in Pakistan for admission in MBBS/BDS. NUMS Syllabus shows the circle of Subjects and Topics of each subject. some MCQs may be from out of the syllabus it’s clearly written on NUMS Syllabus 2024.

Every year thousands of MDCAT candidates apply for NUMS MDCAT Test and only a few selected as NUMS Students for MBBS/BDS programs. Here we have a list of our 500+ students who succeeded to get admission to Army Medical Colleges.

How to Apply for National MDCAT Registration 2024?

Registration for PMC MDCAT 2024 is online through the PMC National MDCAT Online Registration 2024 PortalRegistration schedule announced by PMC. Students can register online till the last date.


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