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Here is the PDMC MDCAT Syllabus 2024 latest update. PMDC MDCAT Entry Test 2024 will be according to this syllabus. Here you can also check MDCAT Pattern papers to understand the PMDC MDCAT Syllabus 2024 topic-wise.

This is the complete syllabus. Total 220 MCQs will be select from the given syllabus. Each subject’s topics clearly mentioned in the syllabus to prepare topic-wise.

Get PMDC MDCAT Syllabus for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. According to the PMDC syllabus 2024, the paper pattern is divided into three categories. Easy MCQs, Moderate MCQs, and Hard MCQs. MDCAT Syllabus 2024 changed from the previous year’s revised PMS Syllabus.

Some topics are changed in this year’s syllabus for the MDCAT entry Test. Some websites provide a syllabus that is not up-to-date. Be careful in downloading for PMDC Syllabus file. Only download and follow the original PMDC Syllabus file for Entry Test 2024.

PMDC Syllabus 2024 for MDCAT Entry Test.

there is not a big difference between the PMDC MDCAT syllabus 2024 and NUMS Syllabus 2024. The paper pattern is the same for both MDCAT Tests. A candidate who wants to appear for both Entry tests can compare the syllabus. It would be better to prepare for both, NUMS entry test, and National Entry Test.

According to PMDC Syllabus 2024, the paper pattern of the MDCAT Test 2024 will be as follow.

  • 20% easy MCQs
  • 60% moderate MCQs
  • 20% hard MCQs

This scheme is best for average students as well as for bright students. Infect there isn’t any concept of easy MCQs. For a student, all MCQs are hard to solve in the examination Hall. Download Syllabus of MDCAT 2024 in PDF Format and print out syllabus subject-wise.

Topic-wise preparation is the best way to get high marks. As last year’s topper says that they prepared the PMDC MDCAT Syllabus topic-wise. Solve almost 100+ MCQs for each topic of the MDCAT Syllabus.

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Download MDCAT Syllabus PDF

NUMS Past Paper Book

MDCAT Syllabus is given below to download. Here you can download PMDC MDCAT Syllabus and sample paper to get a clear idea about the MDCAT Paper pattern. You Can also Download the MDCAT Past Paper 2020 PDF and NUMS Past Papers PDF.

MDCAT MCQs Distributions

Here are the NUMS MCQs distributions according to Subjects. PMDC Syllabus contains 40% Biology Portion, 30% chemistry portion, 20% Physics Portion, and only 10% English Portion. MDCAT Syllabus 2024 marks distribution is as follows.

  • Total MDCAT Test MCQS is 210.
  • Biology 68 MCQs
  • Chemistry 56 MCQs
  • Physics 56 MCQs
  • English 20 MCQs
  • Logical reasoning 10 MCQs

Try to cover all topics of these four subjects as per PMDC syllabus 2024. Biology Topics are very important as some topics are from Punjab textboard books and some are from federal Text Board books. To cover complete topics a student must have prepared from both books(federal as well as Punjab textboard books).

You Can Buy these books from the market. If you didn’t want to waste your time in the market then you can order online for Federal and Punjab textboard books. Here stock available for complete books.

Available Books are

  • Federal Board Books (Biology, Chemistry, Physics + MDCAT English Vocabulary)
  • Punjab Board Books (Biology, Chemistry, Physics + MDCAT English Vocabulary)

PMDC MDCAT Biology Syllabus

The biology portion of the MDCAT Test Syllabus 2024 is 32% and a total of 68 MCQs out of 220 MCQs. Here is the topic-wise syllabus to download in PDF Format.

Highlight Topics on Book which are part of MDCAT Syllabus 2024. And get MDCAT MCQs Booklet for Biology and solve MCQs. Booklet is specially designed as per MDCAT Syllabus 2024 to practice Topic-wise MCQs.

Biology MCQs Bank for MDCAT Test 2024 according to PMDC MDCAT Entry Test 2024 Syllabus will be available soon. Our MDCAT Expert working on it and Hopefully complied soon.

Here you Can Get Biology MCQs Bank.

Download MDCAT Syllabus for Biology

Syllabus For Chemistry

Chemistry is 26.5% of the MDCAT Syllabus and a total of 56 MCQs out of 220 are from Physics. Here you can get a practice paper and sample paper for MDCAT Entry Test. Chemistry MCQs Bank is also available for practice designed by MDCAT Guide as per syllabus 2024.

Chemistry MCQs Bank is under the procedure and will be available soon for MDCAT Guide Test preparation.

Download PMDC Chemistry Syllabus 2024

Get Chemistry MCQs bank

The best way to cover topics for Chemistry Syllabus is. Download the Syllabus files and get print. Highlight all topics on Textbooks (Get Chemistry books of Federal Board and Punjab Board). prepare all topics according to the syllabus and then solve MCQs bank topic wise or Chapter wise.

Physics PMDC MDCAT Syllabus

26.5% of the PMDC MDCAT Syllabus is Physics portion. Students have to solve 56 MCQs from the physics portion. Here you can download Physics MDCAT Syllabus 2024 with the ultimate guide for MDCAT Entry Test 2024 preparation.

Physics MCQs Bank for MDCAT is designed for MDCAT Test Preparation for selective Syllabus. In this year only 13 topics are picked for MDCAT Syllabus.  Topic Wise MCQs number detail is also given in the syllabus.

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  1. Force and motion
  2. Work and energy
  3. Rotational and circular motion
  4. Waves
  5. Thermodynamics
  6. Electrostatics
  7. Current electricity
  8. Electromagnetism
  9. Electromagnetic induction
  10. Electronics
  11. Dawn of modern physics
  12. Atomic spectra
  13. Nuclear physics

Download PMDC Physics Syllabus

Get Physics MCQs Bank

PMDC Syllabus For English | Detailed Syllabus 2024 |

Here is the English Syllabus for MDCAT Test 2024. 10% of the MDCAT Test will contain an English Portion. 20 MCQs from given below English paper pattern.

  • Vocabulary 04 MCQs
  • Tenses 04 MCQs
  • Structure of Sentence 03 MCQs
  • Correct use of Subject Verb Agreement 03 MCQs
  • Correct use of articles and prepositions 02 MCQs
  • Use of writing conventions of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation 02 MCQs
  • Mistakes in Sentences or short written texts 02 MCQs

Download PMDC Syllabus For English

English Helping notes according designed as per Syllabus 2024. To get these helping notes you can contact our Team. The shipment option is Home delivery through TCS. Payment after receiving Book parcel.

Logical Reasoning Test Syllabus

Logical reasoning questions examine the ability to analyze, review, and complete arguments in common language. The questions are based on short arguments drawn from different sources. Each logical reasoning question requires you to read and understand a short passage, then answer a question about it. These questions are designed to examine a wide range of critically thought-involved skills, emphasizing skills that are central to reasoning. Types of reasoning questions that may come in MDCAT.

Download PMDC MDCAT Full Syllabus in PDF format

You can also download Complete MDCAT Syllabus in PDF by clicking on the given below Download button. All four subjects’ complete Syllabus file is also available to view or download.

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Good Luck with best wishes for Entry Test 2024.

Always work hard and believe in yourself, dear student, and you’ll reach your destination successfully. Good luck!

National MDCAT Syllabus

MDCAT Syllabus Related Questions

People also ask about PMDC Syllabus details in different ways. Here are some short answers for few questions about PMDC Syllabus and MDCAT Entry Test.

How many can A student give MDCAT?

Maximum seven times a student can apply for MDCAT Registration. Seven-time is more than enough. A candidate can easily improve after 1st entry test.

Minimum marks required to get admission in MDCAT?

To get admission in MBBS Minimum of 70% aggregate is required. and for Admission to the BDS program 60% marks are required?

How Many Marks are required to pass the PMDC MDCAT Test?

To Pass the MDCAT Entry Test minimum of 60% marks are required. To get 60% marks a student has to choose the right answers of 120 MCQs out of 200.

How Can I get maximum marks in MDCAT Test 2024?

First of reading the given above article carefully and then make a plan to prepare MDCAT Entry Test according to PMDC MDCAT Syllabus 2024.
Follow these simple step for 100% preparation
  1. Download MDCAT Syllabus for Entry Test 2024
  2. Get Text Books for Federal Text Board and Punjab Text Board.
  3. Start Study topic wise
  4. The focus is the key to success. Focus on Syllabus coverage.
  5. Stay guided and updated on each topic.
  6. Strength and weakness analysis by practice tests subject-wise. Give more time to the weak subjects.
  7. Get MDCAT MCQs Bank for all four subjects.
  8. Practice makes a man perfect. Solve past papers for practice. You can order past papers online at (NUMS Past Papers, MDCAT Past papers PDF, MDCAT Past Paper)
  9. Solve full-length MDCAT Papers
  10. Stay connected with your teachers for more guide.
  11. always pray to Allah almighty for Success.

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