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One of the best ways to become a doctor in the PAK Army is Medical Cadet Test. Each year Pakistan Army selects talented male candidates for AMC admission 2024 in MBBS/BDS. Most civilian candidates try to get recommendations as a medical Cadet but they fail to clear Army initial Test & Interview by GHQ.

Most of them have no knowledge about Army Medical College Admission Procedure and Army Medical Cadet Test. To help those candidates who want to appear in Army Medical Cadet Test our MDCATGUIDE.COM.PK team will provide free guidelines and Test preparation material.

Here you can Prepare for the Army Medical College Test with Medical College Past papers and most repeated MCQs. Candidates can get a complete Test Pattern for Army Medical Test.

Army Medical Cadet Test Syllabus

The syllabus of the Army Medical Cadet test is simple and easy to prepare. Students just have to prepare for the intelligence test as they already prepare for MDCAT Entry Test. Note down Army Medical Cadet test syllabus 2024.

  • Verbal Intelligence Test:
    85-90 MCQs (Time allowed 30 minutes)
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Test:
    85-90 MCQs (Time allowed 30 minutes)
  • Academic Test:
    45-50 MCQs (Time allowed 25 minutes)

Start preparation according to the given pattern. 1st of all prepare for verbal intelligence tests as the Army Medical Cadet test starts from the Verbal intelligence test. For this test, candidates can practice online as well as from verbal intelligence test books.

Practice minimum 1000 MCQs of verbal intelligence test from different categories. You can practice online for this test. For an online practice visit here you will find verbal intelligence tests of different categories.

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The nonverbal intelligence test is the 2nd step of the Medical cadet test. in this test diagrams of different types are given to select the odd one from the series. It may be difficult for some candidates. But most candidates pick MCQs patterns and can easily solve MCQs. Perfection needs practice. As much you practice for the Initial verbal & nonverbal test you will get proficiency to creak the initial test.

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You can also download the Medical Cadet Nonverbal intelligence test in PDF format. Here files are attached to download in PDF format. it would be better to print these files and practice on hard copy.

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these Verbal and non verbal are time consuming tests. Try to solve these MCQs in minimum time. each year in Medical Cadet Test round about 70% students fails to solve these test within given time.

The academic portion of the Army Medical Cadet test is from these subjects

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Short Math
  • English Portion
  • World G.K
  • Pakistan Study
  • Islamic History
  • History Sub Continent
AMC Book

For Academic test preparation, you can get books from the market or order an online Army Medical College Preparation Book to get home delivery through TCS.

After Fsc Females can Join PAK Army Through AFNS Registration 2024

Army Medical Cadet Test Marks distribution

Medical Cadet test marks are not shown on the computer screen as you know that this test is performed on computer and after each portion submission only pass or fail status will be shown on the screen. Try to solve maximum MCQs in a given time. This will help to get the maximum score in overall medical cadet test progress.

There will be no negative marking in Army Test and only count right MCQs for pass or fail status. Don’t miss any MCQs during the initial test if you don’t know the right answer you can guess for the right option.

The minimum mark to clear the verbal intelligence test is 33% and also for the non-verbal test. for the academic portion, 23 out of 50 should be right to clear the initial test.

  • Verbal Test 33 % right answer
  • Non verbal 33% right answer
  • Academic Test 40% right answer

Students have to practice for this test on the Practice test book special designed by MDCATGUIE.COM.PK. You can only buy these practice papers online from our Online Book Store.

Test Pattern

pattern for the medical tests is also given above. Students can start their test on the computer screen by putting their registration No and password (password will be provided in Army Testing centers). By clicking on entering to start test 2 example MCQs will appear respectively to solve (These are not counted in the test as just for the sample to practice).

Candidate have to pass these three potions step by step

  • Verbal portion
  • Non-verbal portion
  • Academic Test

The total time for Medical Cadet Test is 85 minutes (30 minutes for each verbal & non-verbal and 25 minutes for the academic portion)

You can download past papers for the best preparation of the MDCAT entry test and Medical Cadet Test Academic Portion.

Army Medical Cadet Course Joining Procedure

Medical cadet course registration and joining procedure is as follow

  • For online registration visit
  • Fill the form with the right details especially about the section (Candidate Name, Father Name, CNIC. No.)
  • Be careful during college selection you have the option to select any army medical college from the list. it would be better to select the option “any Army Medical College)
  • If you select a specific Medical college your name will be added to the merit list of this college (iff you will hit the final merit of this college) no option for any other college
  • If you select any Army medical college (During registration select “”Apply for all Army medical colleges”) your name may appear in the merit list of any Army medical college.
  • After successful registration print out registration slip with test date and time (Test date and time may update within one working week)
  • Start Preparation For Medical Cadet Initial Test
  • After the initial test selected candidates will undergo Army Medical Test
  • Pakistan Army Physical Test of shortlisted candidates
  • The candidate has to appear in any MDCAT Entry Test (NUMS MDCAT/National MDCAT)
  • Shortlisted candidate will receive Final Interview Call Latter
  • Final Interview at GHQ
  • Final Merit List of Army Medical Cadet candidates

This is the complete step-by-step procedure of selection. Each year may little changes made by Army in the selection procedure of the Medical Cadet. MBBS and BDS final merit list will be updated here for Army Medical Cadet Course 2024.

Download Now:- NUMS Roll No Slip 2024

Army Medical Cadet Course Merit List

The final merit list of Army medical college is available to download. Candidate can also check the final merit list online

  • To check the final merit list of army medical college visit the official website of AMC
  • Enter candidate ID or CNIC
  • Click on the Submission link and view complete details of AMC merit list 2023
  • AMC MBBS merit list 2023 (start from 94.840 and ended with 91.695)
  • AMC BDS merit list 2023 (start from 91.694 and ended with 91.345)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many marks required to pass the Army Medical Cadet Test?

To clear Army initial test for the medical cadet course 2024, candidates have to tick a minimum of 33% right answers from verbal and non-verbal test portions and also 40% right answers needed in the academic test portion.

  • 30 right answer from the verbal Test portion
  • 30 right answer from the non-verbal test portion
  • 22 right answer from the academic portion

What is the Army Medical Cadet Test Syllabus?

The syllabus of the Army Medical Cadet Test is as

  • 85-90 MCQs from verbal intelligence Test
  • 85-90 MCQs from Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
  • 50 MCQs from academic Test

You Can Also download Latest Updated NUMS Syllabus 2024

When will Army Medical Cadet Test 2023 start?

Army Medical Cadet Test date will be assigned to each candidate after one working week from online registration. Candidates can re-print after one week from registration with the Updated status of MC Test Date and Time. Candidates can only perform the test at the assigned Army test center (Time and date is mentioned on the Registration slip)

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What is Medical Cadet Physical Test?

Army Physical Test for Medical cadet course is similar to PMA or TCC course physical test. Physical standards as follow

  • Running 1.6KM in 8 minutes
  • Push-ups 2 reputations within 2 minutes
  • Chin-ups 2 reputations within 2 minutes
  • Ditch Crossing (7′.4″ x 7′.4″)

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