AFNS Test Online Preparation

Female candidates who applied for AFNS can prepare for AFNS Test online here. Must follow AFNS Test Syllabus,  Test Pattern, AFNS Selection Procedure.

Candidates can practice online Tests (Given Bellow). Practice Test for AFNS are specially designed for initial Army Test system. By practicing these tests a candidate will be able to attempt army initial test without any hesitation.


Practice makes a man perfect and now if someone want to become perfect for AFNS Online Test will have to solve given bellow tests. Purpose of these tests is only for initial test of AFNS. AFNS Test Syllabus is different as compare to other Army Initial tests of different courses.

Syllabus of a course also given at official website of Pakistan Army. you can also check syllabus for AFNS Test or follow given bellow AFNS Initial Test syllabus.

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Focus on:

  • Test Syllabus
  • Test Pattern
  • Selection Procedure


Syllabus for AFNS Initial Army Test is as follow:

  • Intelligence Tests:
    • Verbal Intelligence Test
    • Non Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Academic Test:
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • English
    • General Knowledge

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AFN Test Pattern is as follow:

  • Verbal Intelligence Test: 85 MCQs (Time:00:30:00)
  • Non Verbal Intelligence Test: 85 MCQs (Time:00:30:00)
  • Academic Test: 50 MCQs (Time:00:20:00)

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AFNS Selection Procedure (Initial Test)

Test divided into three stages as given above. To clear AFNS Online Test a candidate have to pass all three stages step-wise. If a candidate fails to clear any test stage will be rejected and Test result shows (Batter luck next time).

Passing Marks of AFNS Test

Minimum passing marks of AFNS Test is as follow:

  • Verbal Intelligence Test: 33%
  • Non Verbal Intelligence Test: 33%
  • Academic Test: 30%

Further Selection

Candidates who clear initial test will undergo through:

  • Initial Medical
  • Initial Interview

Finely recommended candidates will be asked to submit ISSB Form and further final selection will be at GHQ on the basis of two day’s Selection process(written Test/Interviews)

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Start Practice For AFNS Test

Must practice:

  • Verbal Intelligence Tests: minimum 5 Practice Test
  • Non Verbal Intelligence Tests: minimum 5 Practice Test
  • Academic Tests: Minimum 5 practice test of each subject

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