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A few years ago, in 2008 when the advertisement for admission of MDCAT appeared, it was finally written that those who scored below 40% in this examination would be considered fail or would not be considered worthy of admission.

University of health sciences (UHS) for the first time conduct the MDCAT Entry test in 2008. After that in 2012 National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) conduct the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test 2012.

Medical Entry Test 2024 For MBBS/BDS

Now we discuss the Medical Entry Test for MBBS and BDS Admissions 2024. Many students are unaware of MDCAT Entry Test. MDCAT Entry Test is a test based on which MBBS and BDS students are admitted.

If a student wants to become a doctor he needs to take the MDCAT Entry Test. MDCAT test was started in 2008. When the University of Health Sciences first conducted the MDCAT Entry Test in 2008. UHS has been conducting MDD tests continuously from 2008 to 2023. MDCAT’s second test was started by the National University of Medical Sciences in 2012.

The UHS entry test was scrapped in 2020. Instead of this MDCAT Entry test, the PMC started a new entry test called National MDCAT Test. The National MDCAT test is conducted all over Pakistan.

At present, 2 types of entry tests are being conducted to take admission in the medical fields for MBBS/BDS programs.

  1. National MDCAT (for admission in all private and public sector Medical & Dental Colleges In Pakistan)
    • UHS Entry Test (UHS will conduct entry test in Punjab & ISB)
    • DUHS Entry Test (DHAS will conduct entry test In Sindh)
    • KMU Entry Test (KMU will conduct entry test in KPK)
    • BUMHS Entry Test (BUMHS will conduct entry test in Baluchistan)
  2. NUMS MDCAT ( for admission in Army Medical College Rawalpindi & Affiliated Medical & Dental Colleges)
  3. AKU MDCAT Entry Test (Pakistan and overseas can apply for this test and only got admission in AKU and Medical and Dental College Faisalabad)
  4. DUHS Entry Test (Just for Karachi Domicile holders)

Through PMC National MDCAT Entry Test, students can enroll in all public sector medical colleges in Pakistan on merit. Students who do not meet merit but are successful with 70% marks in the entry test of PMC National MDCAT can take admission in private medical colleges.

Students (on merit) through the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test can take admission in Army medical colleges.

National MDCAT Entry Test

The National MDCAT Entry Test is conducted once a year, usually registered in July and August. The registration of PMC National MDCAT for the year 2024 will continue from June 17 to July 15.

Click the link below for the registration procedure.

PMC Registration

The Syllabus of PMC National MDCAT has been announced. Click the below link to download the syllabus.

PMC Syllabus 2024

The National MDCAT entry test is expected to be held in October 2024. The test will have 210 objective questions. Each question will have four possible answers. One number will be given on the correct answer selection. While no number will be deducted on the wrong answer selection.

National MDCAT Entry Test Syllabus and Pattern

  • Biology: 68 MCQs
  • Chemistry: 56 MCQs
  • Physics: 56 MCQs
  • English: 20 MCQs
  • Logical reasoning: 10 MCQs

Preparation for Medical Entry Test 2021 follows the PMC Syllabus. The PMC in its recent statement said that all the contents of the paper will be taken from the same Syllabus. But a few questions may be out of the syllabus. So it is better to prepare the as per Syllabus.

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Registered of NUMS MDCAT Entry test open once a year. Every year, registration usually starts in June and July. This year the date for registration of NUMS MDCAT 2024 is from July 12 to August 10.

Students who want to get admission to Pakistan Army Medical Colleges can register for the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test 2024 during the registration schedule.

For registration of NUMS MDCAT Entry Test 2024 visit the given below website.


Click on the below link to download the Syllabus of the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test 2024.

NUMS Entry Test  Syllabus 2024

The NUMS Paper will have a total of 150 objective questions from subjects. And there will also be 50 psychological questions. No of the Total MCQs will be 200. There will be no negative marking in the NUMS Entry test 2024.

NUMS Entry Test Paper Pattern

  • Biology: 60 MCQs
  • Physics: 37 MCQs
  • Chemistry: 38 MCQs
  • English: 15 MCQs
  • Psychology: 50 MCQs

There is also a specific quota for students who are from the Pakistan Army family through ping cadet courses. Medical cadet course is a course through which students do an MBBS degree at the Expense of Army at Pakistan Medical Colleges. Along with the degree, they are also given a salary package of Rs. 35,000/month. After completing the degree recruited as Captain Doctor in the Pakistan army.

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MDCAT Preparation Guide

If you want to get admission to a public or private sector medical institute, you must pass the Medical and Dental College Admission Test which is also known as Medical Entry Test.

MDCAT consists of MCQs as per the MDCAT syllabus. In this article, I will help you prepare for the Medical Entry Test 2024.

Just remember that clearing the exam without difficulty is not an easy task. On the other hand, you can pass the exam by comprehensively learning the complete syllabus.

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Importance Of MDCAT Entry Test Syllabus

When apprentices are focused and interested, they will retain all the basics that will help them plan medical entry tests. Learners should distinguish what they need to study as well as which parts they should pay more attention to. For this, they have to download & print out MDCAT Syllabus.

Students can prepare better while they focus on the curriculum. Keep yourself informed of the new curriculum. Updated syllabus available to download for both Entry Tests ( NUMS MDCAT and PMC National MDCAT)

Note your weak points

Recognize the talents where you are weak as well as those that need to be built. Most students face problems with physics and chemistry.

Therefore, students should have to pay more attention to them as well as build them. In addition, students can also seek help from their coaches as they distinguish well in the vulnerable areas of their pupils.

Medical Entry Test Books

The Selection of the best MDCAT books will play an important role in the preparation. Try preparing from Punjab textboard books. This course is grade A for your preparation.

You can’t succeed unless you’re working on your given MDCAT Syllabus. Your achievement depends on the point of how you prepared for your course.

Get MDCAT Past Papers Book for best preparation. Students can get help with the MDCAT Test pattern by solving these past papers. MDCAT Past papers PDF are important to judge your preparation.

Hope as well as confidence is important in making yourself successful. Be realistic and seek help from Allah to understand your expected objectives.

Thanks, Foe visiting MDCAT GUIDE PK

Moreover, make sure to surround yourself with individuals who have an optimistic view of you. Also, be with the people you are with to encourage you.

Hopefully, you like the guide for the medical entry test and get knowledge about the preparation for National MDCAT Entry Test 2024.

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