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Today I am sharing with you the Top 10 Medical Fields Other Than MBBS/BDS. This post is for those students who have passed their F.Sc. with medical and don’t get admission in MBBS & BDS. Such students become very dishearten after MDCAT. I hope after reading this post their disappointment will end. It will help the students to choose their profession according to their own will.

When students can’t get admission in MBBS & BDS they consider that their life is ended. They also had a fare of society. They think that family status has become lower. But it is totally a wrong concept. It is because they do not have proper knowledge about different medical fields other than MBBS & BDS. They do not have awareness about the fields in which they can get admission after F.Sc. and enjoy good social status. These medical fields have the same value as MBBS and BDS.

Here are alternative career options for medical students which are best for bright students. These are best medical fields other than MBBS/BDS. Scope of these medical fields are also given bellow. Chose the best filed for yourself.  Best courses in Pakistan after F.Sc (pre-medical) are as follow.

Top Medical Fields Other than MBBS/BDS

Here are the Top 10 Medical Fields Other than MBBS & BDS. The students with good grades in F.Sc. Pre-medical can join these and make their future bright. These Medical Fields have very important today will also have high scope in the future. So the students who join these Fields now will make their future bright in the coming days.

I am sharing the information of these Top 10 Medical Fields along with the scope of these fields. I am also sharing the names of colleges and universities which are offering admission to these programs. So read it carefully and do not skip any part. If you skip any part it will cause of lack of information for you. Keep attention to your bright future.

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Here are the Top medical fields for those students who are below the merit. These fields have very high scope in Pakistan. Students with low grades are also eligible to get admission in these Medical Fields and can enjoy a good future.

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Top 10 Medical Fields

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List of Medical Fields

Our experts prepared a list of Medical Fields for F.Sc. pre-medical students in which students with a minimum of 60% marks can get admission easily.

  1. DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicines)
  2. D-Pharmacy
  3. DPT (Doctor of Physio Therapy)
  4. BS Cardiac Perfusion
  5. BS Medical Laboratory Technology
  6. BS Medical Imaging Technology
  7. BS Dermatology
  8. BS Diet & Nutrition
  9. BS Optometry
  10. BS Forensic Science

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Doctor of Veterinary Medicines (DVM) Admission & Scope

Doctor of Veterinary Medicines is basically the Doctor of animals & birds. It is Five Years degree program. A veterinarian diagnoses the disease of animals and cures them in an authentic way. So a veterinary doctor treats the animals and birds. The students who don’t succeed to get admission in MBBS/BDS can join this field.


DVM offers a very good career. The value of this degree is very high in Pakistan. They are a very large trend of keeping animals in Pakistan. With the increase in the number of pet animals, a lot of Veterinary doctors are also needed. After completing this degree  Doctor of Veterinary Medicines can join:

  • Livestock
  • Dairy Development Department
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • Zoological Parks
  • Veterinary Hospitals
  • Government Animal Husbandry Department
  • Poultry & Dairy Farms
  • Sheep and Rabbit forms

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DVM is a very interesting degree in Pakistan following institutes are offering admission in Five years DVM degree program:

  • UVAS (the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore)
  • Bahaudin Zakriya University(BZU)
  • The University of Agriculture Faisalabad(UAF)
  • Islamia University Bahawalpur
  • Riphah International University

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharma D)

Doctor of Pharmacy is one of the best and most paying Medical fields. It is a very vast field. A lot of research is continuing in Pharma D. This degree is approved by Pakistan Medicines Council and deals with all types of medicines. The Doctor of Pharmacy diagnoses different diseases and infections in living things. Make effective medicines to eradicate diseases and infections. A lot of Laboratory work is involved in this field. So it is a very interesting field. A person who holds this degree is called a Pharmacist.

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Doctor of Pharmacy is one of the best degrees which offers a lot of money and facilities in future. A lot of careers are waiting for the students of Pharm D. After the completion of this degree, a Pharmacist can work as:

  • Government Organization
  • Public Health Services
  • Armed Health Services
  • Pharmacy Association
  • Work in college faculty
  • As a researcher


The students with good grades in F.Sc. pre-medical can get admission in the Pharm D degree program. It is a very good degree program. There are the following universities that are offering admission in the Doctor of Pharmacy. All these universities are approved and recognized by Pakistan Medicines Council.

  • The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore(UVAS)
  • Government College University Faisalabad
  • The University of Punjab
  • The University of Agriculture Faisalabad,
  • The University of Faisalabad
  • Bahaudin Zakriya University Multan
  • Sargodha University
  • Lahore College for Women University (LCWU)
  • Islamia University Bahawalpur

Doctor of Physio Therapy (DPT)

Doctor of Physio Therapy is a doctor who cures the disorders of patients by giving them physical therapy. It is also a very good profession. A lot of students are taking interest in this field. This field is emerging very fastly because it does not involve surgery to solve the disorders of patients. A physiotherapist cures the problem of the patient by giving them special exercises and also suggests them outer use lotions and balms. Pharmacists use life-saving techniques. Patients also adopting these techniques for better results of their problems.


DPT is a 5-years degree program. Students can enjoy a good career after this degree. After the completion of this degree, a physiotherapist can work as:

  • Sport Trainer
  • Customer Care
  • Therapy Consultants
  • Rehabilitation Consultant
  • Work in Mental Hospitals
  • Education Experts
  • Medical Establishments
  • Osteopath
  • Private Clinics

DPT Admission

There are a large number of universities that are offering admissions in DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy). I am sharing the list of universities that are approved by the Pakistan Physical Therapy Council. So get admission to that university that is officially recognized.

  • University of Lahore (UOL)
  • DOW University of Health & Sciences
  • King Edward Medical College
  • Punjab University
  • Khyber Medical University
  • Liaqat Health and Medical University
  • GC University Faisalabad
  • University of Balochistan
  • University of Faisalabad
  • University of Sargodha
  • ISRA University
  • Shifa Tameer e Millat University
  • Riphah International University
  • Alama Iqbal Medical College of Physiotherapy
  • Rawalpindi Medical College

BS Cardiac Perfusion

BS Cardiac Perfusion is a good option for those students who got good marks in F.Sc. and now want to join the medical field. It is an emerging field. In the future, there is a very high demand for this field. Heart diseases are increasing in Pakistan very fast. The rate of heart patients is increasing day by day. So this degree will award a good profession in future. So the students can get admission to this degree program to diagnose heart problems and also can solve these problems.


As the death rate in Pakistan is increasing Pakistan due to Heart diseases the need for Cardiac Perfusionists is also increasing. So it looks like that the degree value for Cardiac Perfusionists will go high. After the completion of this degree program, the candidate can easily get a job in the government hospital and start his/her practice.

Admission For BS Cardiac Perfusion 2024

BS in Cardiac Perfusion is an interesting and highly paid profession. This is a good option for the students to join a good field in the future. There is a list of the universities and colleges which are offering admissions in BS Cardiac Perfusion. All these following institutes are officially recognized.

  • Punjab University (PU) Lahore
  • NUMS (National University of Medical Sciences)
  • Zia-ul-din Medical University
  • Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology
  • Armed Forces Medical Institute
  • Gulab-Devi Medical Institute Lahore
  • Tabba Heart Institute Sindh
  • Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) Lahore

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BS Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical Laboratory Technology which is also known as MLT is a very awesome technology. The degree holder of MLT is known as a Technologist. He takes samples of human diseases and diagnoses them under modern machines. This technology is proved very helpful in searching for diseases. Many diseases which were unsearchable now diagnosed by this technology.


The students who have good grades can join this Medical Field as this field has a high demand and scope in the health sector. A lot of students have already shown their interest in this field. But this field needs more people because the health rate in Pakistan is very low. A technologist can work in:

  • Government Hospital
  • Private Clinics
  • Own Practice
  • Public Health Facilities
  • Forensic and Crime Labs

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Admission For BS Medical Laboratory Technology

The students who have passed their F.Sc. Pre-Medical with good marks are eligible to get admission to Medical Laboratory Technology. I am sharing with you the lists of universities that are offering admissions in MLT.

  • King Edward Medical University Lahore
  • Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore
  • GC University Faisalabad
  • Rawalpindi Medical College
  • NMC
  • Quaid e Azam Medical College

BS Medical Imaging Technology

Medical Imagine Technology is known as MIT. It is an emerging and very rich Medical Field. It has produced a lot of change in the Medical and Health sectors.  Many students are enrolling in this field due to the vastness of it. Every year a lot of students get admission and this field.


This field deals with the core study of any part of the human body. The degree holder of this is known as MID (Medical Imaging Doctor). In this field, different tests are performed like Ultrasound, X-Rays, MRI and etc. A Radiologist can work as:

  • T. Scanning
  • X-Radiographer
  • Ultrasound Radiology
  • Endoscopy
  • Elastography
  • MRI


The interesting students for the Medical Imaging Technology can get admission in the given below universities after F.Sc.

  • Allama Iqbal Medical College
  • Quaid E Azam Medical College
  • KEMC Lahore
  • Government College University Faisalabad
  • Rawalpindi Medical College

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BS Dermatology (Admission 2024)

BS Dermatology is a degree program in Skin studies. Dermatology is the study of skin diseases and their solution. This Medical field is not new in Pakistan. But its value is increasing nowadays due to an increase in skin problems. As we all know that our environment is contaminated bday by day so, skin problem are generating in high rate. So the importance of Dermatology is also increasing in the future.


In Pakistan, the scope of Dermatology is very high. Many students are connected with this Medical Field every year and they get jobs or successful professions after the completion of this degree program. After the completion of this degree, the candidate is called a Dermatologist. There are a lot of career opportunities for a Dermatologist. He/She can work in the following department:

  •  Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Research Departments
  • Government Hospitals
  • Private Practices
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Education Department

BS Dermatology Admission 2024

Admissions for BS Dermatology are open in Public & Private Institutes. Willing students can join this degree program for a better future. The list of these Institutes is given below:

  • DOW University, Karachi
  • KEMU, Lahore
  • Liaquat Medical University, Jamshoro
  • ISRA University
  • Sheikh Zayed Medical College
  • PIMS

BS Diet & Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition is now a Degree program. It deals with food and its usage in the human body. A nutritionist studies the food patterns and impact of different food on the body. This field is become riched in the last few years. Human Diets and Nutrition directly deal with the human food cycle. So this Medical Field has very close to human health.


There are many job opportunities for the Human Diet & Nutrition degree holders. After this degree the candidates can join the following opportunities:

  • Public Hospitals
  • Private Clinics
  • Public Consultancy
  • Private Organizations
  • Food Industries
  • Drug Industries

BS Optometry

BS Optometry is basically a degree in eye studies. It studies different eye problems and abnormalities and tries to solve these problems. After this degree, the candidate can also do a specialization in optometry. Eye diseases are the major problems for humans. The solution to these problems is necessary. So Optometry tells the solution of all eye problems.


The eye problems are increasing day by day. Modern problems need modern solutions. So there is a need for experts in this Medical Field. This field provides a good career to candidates.

BS Forensic Science

Forensic Science is a science that involves the examination and investigation of some matters under court laws. This is a very vast science. This Medical Field is popular all over the world and it is the basic need to solve the criminal problems in every country in the world. Now all the crime investigation agencies need Forensic experts to deal with the problem that is very complex. So the students with average and good marks can join this field to make a bright future.


After BS Program the candidates can also do specialization in Forensic Sciences. A Forensic scientist can join the below departments in Pakistan:

  • National Accountability Bearue (NAB)
  • Anticorruption Department
  • Intelligence/Secret Agencies
  • Forensic Laboratories
  • Police Training Institutions
  • Courts
  • Education Department
  • Federal Investigation Department (FIA)
  • Investigation Agencies

Thanks Kamran Siddique for this informative article. It will be helpful for all students who are in search of Top Medical Filed in Pakistan. After MBBS/BDS admission 2022 many students want to chose other medical fields to get admission. Here is this article they can check all basic information about top 10 field with future scope.

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